About ASK Magazine

The Academy of Program/Project and Engineering Leadership (APPEL) and ASK Magazine help NASA managers and project teams accomplish today’s missions and meet tomorrow’s challenges by sponsoring knowledge-sharing events and publications, providing performance enhancement services and tools, supporting career development programs, and creating opportunities for project management and engineering collaboration with universities, professional associations, industry partners, and other government agencies.

ASK MagazineASK Magazine grew out of the Academy and its Knowledge Sharing Initiative, designed for program/project managers and engineers to share expertise and lessons learned with fellow practitioners across the Agency. Reflecting the Academy’s responsibility for project management and engineering development and the challenges of NASA’s new mission, ASK includes articles about meeting the technical and managerial demands of complex projects, as well as insights into organizational knowledge, learning, collaboration, performance measurement and evaluation, and scheduling.

We at APPEL Knowledge Sharing believe that stories recounting the real-life experiences of practitioners communicate important practical wisdom and best practices that readers can apply to their own projects and environments. By telling their stories, NASA managers, scientists, and engineers share valuable experience-based knowledge and foster a community of reflective practitioners. The stories that appear in ASK are written by the “best of the best” project managers and engineers, primarily from NASA, but also from other government agencies, academia, and industry. Who better than a project manager or engineer to help a colleague address a critical issue on a project? Big projects, small projects they’re all here in ASK.

You can help ASK provide the Program/Project And Engineering Community with knowledge sharing articles and stories by sharing topics of interest and by sharing your experiences and lessons learned with our team. To learn how or submit your article, contact our APPEL Strategic Communication Team. We want to hear from you!

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