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Mr. Roger Forsgren

APPEL Director

Roger Forsgren, Director, NASA Academy of Program/Project Engineering Leadership

As Director of the NASA Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership, Mr. Forsgren is responsible for the operations, contractual, and financial management of the Academy’s program. Mr. Forsgren also manages the engineering training curriculum. He has recently developed several new courses for the curriculum, which cover topics such as astronomy for engineers, lessons learned, and innovative design. Mr. Forsgren also serves as the primary point of contact for all Academy Team Support requests for support to project or engineering teams.

Mr. Forsgren co-authored and presented a paper at the 2010 American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) conference. The paper, entitled “Unique Education and Workforce Development for NASA Engineers,” covers the goals of the Academy and the role of its unique training and educational curriculum in the development of NASA’s technical workforce.

Mr. Forsgren holds two Bachelors degrees, one in history from Georgetown University and one in engineering from Cleveland State University. He also obtained a Masters Degree in Engineering from Cleveland State University. He lives in Virginia with his wife Florence; they have four sons.

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Mr. Steve Angelillo

APPEL Deputy Director

Steven J. Angelillo, Deputy Director, NASA Academy of Program/Project Engineering LeadershipAs the Deputy Director of the NASA Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership, Mr. Angelillo is responsible for the Academy’s fiscal year curriculum planning and integration, website and technology resources, and technical workforce learning events. Additionally, he is responsible for outreach and collaboration activities on behalf of the Academy and serves as the key liaison with center training offices, agency working groups and Academy partners. He also oversees the Academy Center for Excellence (ACE), a state-of-the-art facility located at Kennedy Space Center, that offers a fully equipped learning environment in support of promoting individual, team and organizational excellence in program/project management and engineering.

Mr. Angelillo joined the federal government in 2002 and brings organizational development experience from three NASA centers.  Prior to his federal service, he oversaw the design, development and delivery of regional customer service and management training for UAL, Inc. Mr. Angelillo attended the College of Charleston Business Program and holds a green belt in Lean Six Sigma; he has received numerous awards for his service including the Federal Government Excellence in Service, NASA Distinguished Contribution, and NASA and Kennedy Space Center Certification of Appreciation.

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