Highlights – Issue 21, Winter 2005

Old Journey, New Heights

I learned some valuable lessons from this remarkably diverse group of talented and committed people who are largely responsible for making the project a success
By John Del Frate

Establishing a Presence

Being there in person helped to develop a team persona in which we were really aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses
By Dr. Jeffrey McCandless

The Knowledge Stealing Initiative?

I felt as though I was blindfolded at a fast-moving sporting event and the play-by-play was being described to me by many others around me
By Larry Goshorn

Earned Value–Added

This feeling was expressed by managers reporting: "I’m getting all the data I need... why do I need earned value?"
By Michael Jansen

Putting EVM to the Test

In many instances there is no forewarning; schedules slip, costs soar, and the project manager is faced with the near impossible task of explaining why each impact occurred
By Jerald Kerby And Stacy Counts

Earning Value Against Resistance

We figured out that we had to anticipate some level of resistance within the organization, especially if they’ve never done this before
By Glenn Rhodeside

A Lengthy Career’s Lessons on Risk

Throughout the years, I developed the philosophy that you can be very successful if you spend the time to organize yourself, find qualified people, and understand the objectives
By Angelo “Gus” Guastaferro

A Leader, Not a Hero

Somebody told me that it takes patience to be a Program Manager. I thought, “Well, I’ll work on that”
By Lynda Rutledge

Keeping Promises

We all know what a promise is; we have plenty of experience making them and receiving them from others. So what’s the problem?
By Greg Howell

The APPL “Learning Map”

The Academy of Program and Project Leadership teams up with Root Learning Inc. to combine two unique approaches to knowledge and learning

Don't Confuse Documentation with Communication

Like most other young engineers, I learned to use the RFI as a weapon in the ongoing battle between owners, or their designer, and the construction contractors
By John Strickland

Managing Meetings...Remotely

When I issued a meeting notice, with the location described in bold, somebody would inevitably remind me to “publish the call-in numbers”
By Hugh Howard

ASK Talks with Bill Townsend

Former Goddard Deputy Center Director Bill Townsend discusses lessons learned from a 40-year career at NASA

ASK Magazine, Issue 21, Winter 2005

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