Highlights – Issue 3, May 2001
  • The Big Briefing

    By Terry Little It was my first big briefing as a program manager, a program status briefing to some senior “big-wigs.” I was pretty comfortable because things were going well with the program’s technical progress and schedule. However, I was concerned about the amount of money we were spending.

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Chaos Is the Fraternal Twin of Creativity

We stayed focused on the end goal and chose to ride the wave we were on.
By Charlie Stegemoeller

Pin the Deputy's Badge on Me

As a Program Manager, you must try to create as much synergy as appropriate between projects.
By James Barrowman

"What's a Ceiling?"

Ideally, protection enables the weak to develop gradually by increasing their exposure to risk.
By Dougal Maclise


At times it seemed impossible for us to meet all their requirements.

Lessons from the Great Masters

The Great Masters knew that they needed to leave their options open until the very last.
By Dr. Michelle Collins

What Did You Do At Work Today?

About 20% of meeting time is effectively used by all participants.
By W. Scott Cameron

The Big Briefing

Reflecting on what I had done, I wondered if the ends had justified the means.
By Terry Little

Better: The Enemy of Good Enough?

Knowing what is good enough should be understood at all working levels of the
By John Allmen

ASK Talks with Joan Salute

Associate Director of Aerospace, Ames Research Center, talks about the most important characteristic of a successful project manager.

ASK Magazine, Issue 3, May 2001

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