Health and Medical Technical Authority (APPEL-HMTA)


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    On-Demand Learning

This on-line course provides Engineering and SMA personnel working on programs and projects with awareness of HMTA roles and responsibilities in the Agency, HMTA Agency level standards/technical requirements, HMTA implementation, HMTA awareness and communication role for Engineering and SMA within Programs / Projects and a process for informing designated HMTA personnel of potential HMTA issues.

OCE and OSMA technical authority personnel.

Project Management Competencies
  • PM 9.0 - Safety and Mission Assurance
Common Competencies
  • C 1.1 - Agency Structure, Mission, and Internal Goals
  • C 1.2 - NASA Project Management/Systems Engineering Procedures and Guidelines
  • C 3.1 - Security
  • C 3.2 - Workplace Safety
  • C 3.3 - Safety and Mission Assurance

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All supplemental resources are NASA accessible only unless otherwise noted.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify potential HMTA issues.
  • Report issues in accordance with your Center’s HMTA Implementation/Awareness Plan.
  • Know your HMTA Points of Contact at your Center, at JSC, and at OCHMO and the pathways for communicating HMTA issues.

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