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Rocket University (RU)

Rocket University (“Rocket U” or “RU”) is a NASA training and development effort designed to develop and maintain systems engineering and project management skills and technical expertise through coursework, hands-on applications, and practice. Initially created at Kennedy Space Center in 2011, the Rocket U program expanded to Glenn Research Center in 2013. While both programs share a common foundation, each is tailored to meet the learning needs of their center and workforce. Since 2012, APPEL has served as a key partner with NASA’s Rocket U programs as part of its commitment to hands-on training and development for the NASA workforce.

Glenn Research Center


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“Rocket University may represent the best ‘bang for the buck’ within our APPEL portfolio. Not only do participants utilize our courses, but they also develop as practitioners through hands-on experience with building flight hardware and working on project teams.”

~ Roger Forsgren, APPEL Director

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