SOMA Lessons Learned

  • Look out for aggressive schedules or large amount of scope because need to make sure there is time for learning
    • Need 1-2 month for staffing
    • 1 month for team building and process building
    • Time to attend classes and workshops
    • Time to redo work
  • Key team members should attend APPL classes preferably before start of project:
    • Project Management
    • Systems Engineering
    • Resource Management

Program Office Lessons Learned

  • Mentors need roles defined to ensure involvement
    • Assessment at major reviews and description of involvement
    • Regular meetings with team members and attend meetings
    • Help develop team processes with partners – start at kickoff retreat
    • Work with team to tailor 7120.5. Sign off on final tailored approach
    • May consider deliverables for the mentors to help drive appropriate involvement, especially early to help with tailoring 7120.5 requirements and identifying risks
  • Require a kickoff retreat with the team and mentors to outline roles, responsibilities, processes and interaction, which should be led by center mentors
  • Make sure all necessary 7120.5 reviews are performed, but may be able to make some reviews less formal. Should probably look at making PDR a formal review or at least review programmatics at PDR and hold KDP-C at the PDR time frame.

Project Lessons Learned

  • Ensure mentors are involved, performing center could consider some sort of reporting or formal interactions
  • Hold a kickoff retreat to understand roles, responsibilities and processes right after team is formed
    • Mentors should help facilitate this meeting
  • Make sure partners scope of work is well understood and is acceptable
  • Start staffing the team early because it will take time
  • Work with Mentors to tailor 7120.5E
  • Make sure learning is built into the schedule
  • Project planning at a detailed level is good project management, ensuring that the project has an appropriate schedule that represents the total project and is manageable

Future HOPE Announcement Lessons Learned

  • Define roles of mentors in announcement
  • Key team members attend APPEL classes as prerequisite for HOPE?