Project Team Development

Team support services are designed to increase a project’s probability of success by delivering the right support at the right time. Development programs help teams achieve immediate project goals while enhancing long-term team capabilities.

How it works: Team development begins with assessments and consultations to evaluate needs. Team support members then propose relevant developmental activities from which the project leadership can choose.

Services include: One-on-one assistance, targeted workshops, and large-group sessions.

Team Building

Team Development

Deficit concentration: focus on blocks to team development and performance. Additive concentration: focus on positive opportunities for continuous development and improved performance.
Short-term focus: emphasis on fixing immediate problems; usually intense with many disagreements. Longer-term focus: diffuse, ongoing improvement; part of day-to-day teamwork.
Typically reactive; focuses on improving relationships among team members and the processes of interpersonal interactions. Proactive and focused on opportunities to avoid team problems and ensure sustained superior development and performance.


Team members prepare the balloon for their flight project. Photo Credit: Anthony Roberts/NASA

Team members prepare the balloon for their flight project.

Photo Credit: Anthony Roberts/NASA

Prepare Your Team

Launching a project without first “launching” the team ultimately costs more time and money. The goal is to support you in setting up your team for success by building the team’s culture properly. The Project Development team works with you to identify and practice individual behaviors supportive of the project’s mission and develop leadership attributes that enable mission success.

Services include: Team-building sessions, assessments for behavior styles and other qualities, team profiling, and workshops.

Project Lifecycle Support

Project Lifecycle Support services meets the needs of NASA project teams by providing expertise to support any project competency. NASA teams receive guidance from expert practitioners and subject-matter experts during every project phase, from formulation through implementation and evaluation.

Services include: Consultations on team building, planning and scheduling, program control analysis, systems and integration support, risk management, and software management.

Assessment Tools

Assessment tools are designed to improve project and executive team dynamics by measuring the behavioral effectiveness of teams and leaders, as well as collective team knowledge. Assessments are intended to address a team’s specific issue, whether individual- or team-focused.

The following assessments are available:

  • Project/Team Effectiveness: Measures effectiveness of a team’s behavioral characteristics.
  • Individual Effectiveness: Measures effectiveness of an individual’s behavioral competencies.
  • Project/Team Process Utilization: Measures the extent of a team’s utilization of key processes.

Following an assessment, a variety of services may be employed to address the findings, including: Workshops, coaching, and/or consultation with experienced practitioners.

APPEL offers customized, onsite workshops designed to assess and enhance the behaviors of team leaders and members. Photo Credit: Joel Kowsky

APPEL offers customized, onsite workshops designed to assess and enhance the behaviors of team leaders and members.

Photo Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky


Customized Workshops

NASA projects demand effective leadership and teamwork. Team development programs address this need by building the management competencies of project practitioners. The assessment tools are designed to assess and build project/teams and Individual effectiveness.

Services include: Customized, onsite workshops designed to assess and enhance the attitudes and behaviors of team leaders and members, and guidance to develop the attitudes and behaviors needed to meet the demands of NASA’s projects today and in the future.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Organize experiences and thinking to incorporate the full context of a situation in order to choose effective actions.
  • Communicate decisions in a way that fosters willing reception.
  • Understand behaviors that affect team leadership, teamwork, and organizational interfaces.
  • Select effective action to improve personal behaviors and increase effectiveness and efficiency of teams.
  • Choose strategies and staff that serve the values of customers and the tasks of a project.

Note: All Project Team Development activities are center-funded only.


If you have questions about the types of services available to enhance the performance of your project team or would like to discuss these services with the provider, please contact Larry Suda. Mr. Suda manages the project team development programs available to you. You can reach him at or (212) 680-3790.

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