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August 7, 2008 Vol. 1 Issue 7


The Academy’s four-level career development framework is the basis for determining what training, work assignments, and developmental activities are right for you.

The career development framework represents a progression through four levels of increasing responsibility over the course of an individual career:

  • project team member or technical engineer
  • small project manager or subsystem lead
  • large project manager or systems manager
  • program or very large project manager

The four career levels have been fully integrated with the competency model to determine the professional experiences and development activities that demonstrate the ability to perform at a given level.


Program or very Large Project Manager
Core course: Executive Program
Leadership by example in knowledge sharing
Manages complex program or set of projects with tightly coupled interfaces
Large Project Manager or Systems Manager
Core course: Advanced Project Management & Systems Engineering
In-depth courses
Participation in knowledge sharing activities
Manages complex project and/or contributes to leadership of larger project/program management
Small Project Manager or Subsystem Lead
Core course: Project Management & Systems Engineering
In-depth courses
Participation in knowledge sharing activities
Performs simple project/subsystem management or contributes to complex management
Project Team Member or Technical Engineer
Core course: Foundations of Aerospace at NASA
Developmental learning assignments and on-the-job training
Attendance at technical conferences or knowledge sharing activities
Performs and/or contributes to fundamental, basic and routine project activities

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