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Letter from the Director

Roger Forsgren, Director, NASA Academy of Program/Project Engineering Leadership

Welcome to the Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership (APPEL). APPEL contributes to NASA’s mission by promoting individual, team, and organizational excellence in program/project management and engineering through the application of its world-class training curriculum, hands-on development programs, and strategic communications to share project management and engineering lessons throughout the agency.

The Academy supports individual practitioners as well as NASA program and project teams at every level of development through its three primary business lines:

Curriculum: Curriculum lies at the heart of APPEL’s approach to building program/project management and engineering capability at NASA. The Academy’s courses are designed using project management and systems engineering competency models and focus on what the participants will need to enhance their own capabilities, knowledge, and skills. Developed and refined by recognized subject matter experts, the Academy’s curriculum is enhanced through the inclusion of NASA case studies and lessons learned, and is reviewed and vetted by various NASA working groups to ensure the latest and most current information is being taught.

Hands-On Development Programs: NASA’s vision and mission demand a workforce with the ability to design, develop, and execute one-of-a-kind projects in aeronautics research, space exploration, and scientific discovery. Formal development programs and hands-on learning provide early and mid-career professionals with on-the-job learning experiences that accelerate their professional development and readiness to lead. The Academy’s primary hands-on development programs are the Systems Engineering Leadership Development Program (SELDP), Rocket University, and Project HOPE (Hands-On Project Experience).

Communications: The Academy invests in communications services and strategies to deliver critical updates, content, stories, and reports to its stakeholders. Its unified cross-functional team provides support to ensure consistent and professional messaging across various communications channels including the APPEL website, social media, presentations, formal papers, video, interactive graphics, and design.

Through these services the Academy seeks to support the NASA technical workforce across the its centers and mission directorates by identifying and addressing their training needs. Concurrently, the Academy continues to develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders across the government, industry, academia, and international organizations in order to enhance its innovative training and development offerings.

It is through your feedback collected from the Academy’s courses, training programs, website, and social media platforms that we are able to improve upon the services the Academy provides to you in order to continue enabling mission success at NASA. I welcome your thoughts.

Mr. Roger Forsgren, Director
Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership

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