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  • To register for courses, NASA Civil servants and contractors must follow the SATERN self-registration process.
  • Once a registration is submitted, it will move through the SATERN approval process, where it must be approved by the employee’s supervisor, training coordinator, and Center POCs.
  • Three weeks prior to the course, Civil Servants who have received the appropriate approvals will be enrolled in the course by the Training and Support Office; contractors with appropriate approvals will be waitlisted.
  • Once the Registration Cut-off date has passed, contractors will be Enrolled* in the course by the Training and Support Office.
  • Practitioners will receive a Course Information Email and be asked to Confirm their Attendance through the course website.
  • Practitioners will continue to receive course related information from the Training and Support Office until the course has completed. *Contractors will be enrolled if there are seats available, per NPD 3410.2G.

APPEL Course Registration Process