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Page last updated 8/10/2023

Individuals interested in taking training courses through DAU should review the following guidance: 

  • Create an account in the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) system.   
    • Note: For assistance, please refer to DAU Login FAQs  
    • Each individual’s supervisor must also have a FAI CSOD account to monitor and approve requests for instructor led training and virtual instructor led training.  Supervisory approval is not required for continuous learning modules. 
    • Once the account is created, you will have the ability to register for classes offered by DAU and FAI. 
  • Visit the DAU iCatalog to view all courses available from DAU. 
  • DAU Continuous Learning Modules are open to all and generally have no prerequisites. You can register and complete these modules within the FAI CSOD system.   
  • To register for DAU Instructor Led Training and Virtual Instructor Led Training, contact the DAU Help Desk 
    • Follow the instructions for “Non-DoD Federal Government Employees
    • Prior to registering, ensure that you review the course description and any prerequisites, as some DAU classes are limited to DoD employees in certain job series or acquisition program areas.  Registration will be declined by the help desk unless a completion certificate for the prerequisite is submitted. 
  • DAU Continuous Learning Modules and continuous learning offerings from the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) and other agencies are listed under the “Learning Search” tab in FAI CSOD.  To view all offerings, visit (login required).