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Podcast Episode 41, Technical Storytelling, Part Two
New Podcast Episode: Technical Storytelling, Part Two

NASA’s Jon Olansen, Jenny Devolites and Ben Asher share technical stories and discuss storytelling techniques with Storytelling Strategist Johel Brown-Grant.

The X-24B over the Mojave Desert near Edwards Air Force Base. The aircraft’s unique shape earned it the nickname “Flying Flatiron.” Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: “Lifting Bodies” Come to a Landing

The X-24B marks the end of a program that informed Shuttle design.

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Former NASA Deputy Chief Engineer Chris Singer.
Critical Knowledge inSight: Cultural Innovation

A project culture open to discussing tough questions can help with mission success.

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The Big Dig during construction. Photo credit:
The Big Dig: Learning from a Mega Project

Boston’s Central Artery/Tunnel Project, commonly known as the Big Dig, was the largest, most complex, and most technically challenging highway project in American history.

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Podcast Episode 40
New Podcast Episode: Technical Storytelling, Part One

Storytelling Strategist Johel Brown-Grant with the U.S. State Department discusses organizational benefits of technical storytelling.

VPMC: Common Denominators: The Shared Habits of NASA’s Top Managers and Systems Engineers
Virtual PM Challenge: Common Denominators: The Shared Habits of NASA’s Top Managers and Systems Engineers

Learn about strategies and tactics that individuals, teams, and organizations can use to maximize mission success in the project-based workplace.

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Illustration of NASA’s Dragonfly rotorcraft-lander on the surface of Titan. Credit: Johns Hopkins APL
Dragonfly to Explore the Icy, Exotic World of Titan

Saturn’s largest moon holds vast oceans, organic chemistry.

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Podcast Episode 39: Plum Brook Station
New Podcast Episode: Plum Brook Station

Plum Brook Station Director David Stringer discusses world-unique test facilities at the NASA station in Ohio.