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NASA’s X-59 QueSST, shown here in an artist’s illustration, has a unique design to minimize the sonic booms of supersonic flight to soft thumps. In November 2022, a GE Aviation F414-GE-100 engine was installed in the X-59 at Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works facility in Palmdale, California, marking a major milestone as assembly of the X-59 nears completion. Credit: Lockheed Martin
Working Toward a Quieter Supersonic Flight

ImaginAviation session highlights promise of NASA’s X-59.

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Charles W. Mathews, Manager, Project Gemini (right) stands and the flight director's console, viewing Gemini X flight display data in the Mission Control Center on July 18, 1966. With him, from left, are William C. Schneider, Mission Director; Glynn Lunney, Prime Flight Director; and Christopher C. Kraft Jr., MSC Director of Flight Operations. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Gemini Rises

Program manager guides team to success of Gemini III.

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A historical black and white photo of two young women, Michele Brekke and Susan Creasy, who were working in the shuttle mission simulator. To keep warm, they were wearing coats from the STS-2 crew–Joe Engle and Dick Truly. This image is used as a cover for the book “Making Space for Women” by Jennifer Ross-Nazzal. The image is symbolizing that women became accepted and a part of NASA’s culture as the workforce became more diverse. Credit: NASA
Podcast Episode 103: Legacy of Inspiration

NASA Human Spaceflight Historian Jennifer Ross-Nazzal discusses how careers for women have changed over the past 50 years as the workforce has become more diverse.

During final water impact testing at NASA’s Langley Research Center in 2021, the Orion Structural Test Article (STA) was pulled 135 feet to the side of the Hydro Impact Basin and 80 feet above it. When it was released, the STA swung and dropped, hitting the surface at 41 miles per hour. Credit: NASA
February 2023 INSIGHT Now Available

Don’t miss the latest issue of INSIGHT, APPEL Knowledge Services’ online publication featuring our new podcast episodes, columns, articles, lessons learned and more. We invite you to read it today on our website.

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Spotlight on Lessons Learned graphic with a photo of the ISOPAR-H Tank and TEA-TEB Fill Tank. Credit: NASA
Spotlight on Lessons Learned: E-1 Triethyl Aluminum-Triethyl Borane System Contamination

Mistake-proofing techniques built into system processes can aid in preventing human error when engineers and test operators make time-critical decisions in unique circumstances such as dangerous weather or limited supplies.

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The Sustainable Flight Demonstrator will test a lightweight, ultra-thin wing spanning 170 feet, attached at the top of the fuselage, and supported from below by a sweeping brace, shown here in an artist illustration. Credit: NASA
Project Aims to Improve Aviation Fuel Efficiency

Sustainable Flight Demonstrator will flight test innovative truss-braced wing. 

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Screenshot of David Stark during his interview. He is smiling and looking to the side. The APPEL and YouTube logos are on the right side. Credit: NASA
Critical Knowledge inSight: Testing Requirements

Clear communication of the testing process helps customers keep their testing phase on schedule and budget.

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NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy speak with media during a visit to Stennis Space Center on Dec. 7, 2021, standing in front of an Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25 engine like the ones that powered the Space Shuttle and now the Artemis program’s Space Launch System. Credit: NASA
Celebrate NASA’s Extraordinary Workforce with Small Steps, Giant Leaps

100th podcast episode features Deputy Administrator Melroy.

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Kennedy Space Center Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity Manager Rob Grant speaks to NASA civil service and contractor employees and guests in Kennedy Space Center’s Training Auditorium on April 12, 2019. Credit: NASA
Podcast Episode 102: Legacy of Connection

NASA Kennedy Space Center’s Rob Grant discusses the agency’s Black History Month theme: Building a Legacy of Achievement, Connection, and Knowledge.