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The Falcon 9 rocket that launched SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission marked the return of NASA’s sleek logo, sometimes called “the worm” as a complement to the venerable Insignia, sometimes called “the meatball.” Photo Credit: NASA
NASA’s Iconic Logotype Began with ‘Shock and Surprise’

Designer receives honor for advancing NASA mission.

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Gemini XII astronaut James A. Lovell, Jr. (left), command pilot, and Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr. (right), pilot, eat a piece of cake presented to the two astronauts by crew members of the prime recovery ship, USS Wasp. Gemini XII splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean at 2:21 p.m. (EST), Nov. 15, 1966, to conclude a four-day mission in space. Photo Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Project Gemini Ends

Aldrin pioneers under water training for EVAs.

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Screenshot of Andrew Chaikin. Credit: NASA
Critical Knowledge inSight: Behaviors Leading to Failure

A project manager should be vigilant against certain types of behavior that can lead to a project failure.

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Active regions on the sun combined to look something like a jack-o-lantern’s face on Oct. 8, 2014. The active regions appear brighter because those are areas that emit more light and energy — markers of an intense and complex set of magnetic fields hovering in the sun’s atmosphere, the corona. This image blends together two sets of wavelengths at 171 and 193 angstroms, typically colorized in gold and yellow, to create a particularly Halloween-like appearance. This image is a blend of 171 and 193 angstrom light as captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory. Credit: NASA/GSFC/SDO
October 2023 INSIGHT Now Available

Don’t miss the latest issue of INSIGHT, APPEL Knowledge Services’ online publication featuring our new podcast episodes, columns, articles, lessons learned and more. We invite you to read it today on our website.

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Astromaterials processors Mari Montoya, left, and Curtis Calva, right, use tools to collect asteroid particles from the base of the OSIRIS-REx science canister. NASA has already collected 70.3 grams of material with more still inside the canister. Photo Credit: NASA
OSIRIS REx Sample Wows Scientists

Asteroid regolith rich in carbon, contains water-bearing minerals.

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Screenshot of Brian Muirhead during his interview. Credit: NASA
Critical Knowledge inSight: Providing Good Direction for Creative Solutions

A project manager can influence their project team to use creativity and flexibility to overcome problems by giving good direction.

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In this photo from 2013, a welder at NASA’s Stennis Space Center works on a portion of piping to be installed on the A-1 Test Stand for RS-25 rocket engine testing. Photo Credit: NASA/MSFC
Podcast Series Focuses on Trade, Technical Workforce

Small Steps, Giant Leaps highlights crucial role in NASA missions.

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Lucy Spacecraft Launch
Podcast Episode 119: Rocket Propulsion Test Program

Rocket Propulsion Test Program Manager Christine Powell discusses chemical propulsion testing at NASA’s world-class facilities.

Payload Specialist John H. Glenn Jr., then a senator from Ohio, prepares to fly aboard STS-95, adjusting a video camera during training at Cape Canaveral. Mission Specialist Scott E. Parazynski looks on at right. Glenn’s two spaceflights were 36 years apart. Photo Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: An Icon’s Return to Space

‘The John Glenn factor’ draws large crowds to launch of STS-95.

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