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Karim Courey
Critical Knowledge inSight: In-House Manufacturing Process

Having in-house expertise can be a great advantage to help with problem solving in the manufacturing process when materials are no longer commercially available.

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Alan B. Shepard, Jr., commander of Apollo 14, stands by the Modular Equipment Transporter cart that the astronauts used to carry tools, cameras and sample cases on the lunar surface. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Apollo Returns Shepard to Space

Following Apollo 13, a Mercury Seven astronaut guides NASA’s next mission to the Moon.

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New Podcast Episode: NASA IV&V

NASA Independent Verification and Validation Program Director Greg Blaney discusses the impact of IV&V on high-profile NASA missions.

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This artist's concept of NASA’s QueSST jet reflects the airplane’s final configuration following years of research and design engineering. Credit: Lockheed Martin
Mission Updates: NASA Projects Mark Milestones

As 2019 ends, the X-59 supersonic aircraft, Artemis I’s SLS core stage and OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample mission move forward. 

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APPEL KS Unveils New Resource for Technical Workforce

Knowledge Inventory contains valuable links to key information.

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Critical Knowledge inSight: Innovation from Failure

Learning from failures can help facilitate innovation for technologies that will increase future mission success. 

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New Podcast Episode: NASA Technology Transfer

NASA Technology Transfer Program Executive Dan Lockney discusses the transfer of innovative space and aeronautics technologies for practical, terrestrial applications.

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Harrison H. Schmitt examines a boulder during the Apollo 17 mission. The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), which transported Schmitt and Eugene A. Cernan to this site, is seen in the background. Credit: NASA/Eugene Cernan
This Month in NASA History: NASA Puts a Scientist on the Moon

Harrison Schmitt, who trained earlier astronauts, examines lunar geology up close in final Apollo mission.

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