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NASA has been discussing potential partnership opportunities with Bigelow for its inflatable habitat technologies as part of NASA's goal to develop innovative technologies to ensure that the U.S. remains competitive in future space endeavors. Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
Podcast Episode 128: Engineering Inflatable Structures for Space

How inflatable habitats moved from concept papers to the International Space Station, and what NASA is doing to eventually put one on the Moon.

This Hubble image shows the star cluster NGC 1850, located about 160,000 light-years away. For this image, two filters were used with the camera to gather data, one at visible wavelengths the other at near-infrared wavelengths. Following chromatic order, the shorter wavelength visible light data is blue, while the longer near-infrared data is red. Credit: NASA, ESA and P. Goudfrooij
This Month in NASA History: Hubble’s Journey to Launch

In an obscure paper, a prominent astrophysicist advocates for using rapidly advancing rocket technology to launch a massive telescope into space.

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Screenshot of Murat Bicak speaking during his interview. Credit: NASA
Critical Knowledge inSight: Resilient Project Management

Resilience is a crucial skill for a successful project manager.

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Left to right: Tiffany Smith NASA Chief Knowledge Officer, Charles Hunt from the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Akosua A. Taylor CPMO support (detail), Adrienne Ross CPMO Executive Assistant, Ellen Stigberg CPMO support, Justin Hornback CPMO support (detail), Kevin Gilligan CPMO support, and Chief Program Management Officer (CPMO) Dave Mitchell. Not Pictured: Tracy Osborne OCE support, Mary Skow OSMA support. Credit: NASA
Podcast Episode 127: Chief Program Management Officer

Dave Mitchell brings extensive experience as an engineer and project manager to a new position leading a small team with the broad mandate of improving acquisitions and program and project management across NASA.

March 2024 INSIGHT Now Available

Don’t miss the latest issue of INSIGHT, APPEL Knowledge Services’ online publication featuring our new podcast episodes, columns, articles, lessons learned and more. We invite you to read it today on our website.

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Mars is kept company by two cratered moons – an inner moon named Phobos and an outer moon named Deimos. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/GSFC/Univ. of Arizona
Mission Focuses on Intriguing Moons of Mars

NASA contributes instruments to JAXA sample return effort.

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Participants in the APPEL KS International Project Management course pose for a photo at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center as the event draws to a close. Photo Credit: NASA
APPEL Course Focuses on International Collaboration

Participants from 8 space agencies share insights on joint projects.

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Critical Knowledge inSight: Context in Communication

Communication with context allows a project manager to focus their audience’s attention on what they are trying to convey.

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Podcast Episode 126: Gateway: The Logistics of an Outpost at the Moon

In this episode we’ll focus on Gateway, a small space station NASA is developing to place in orbit at the Moon. We’ll speak with Mark Wiese, who leads the team that will ensure Gateway will receive the cargo, equipment, and supplies it needs to support Artemis astronauts.