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NASA takes a methodical, multi-disciplinary approach to systems engineering, encompassing the design, realization, technical management, operations, and retirement of a system. Explore courses, handbooks, and other agency resources for systems engineering.



Engineers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, prepare for a propellant tank to be inserted into the cylinder in the background at left. The cylinder is one of two that make up Europa Clipper’s propulsion module. Credits: NASA/GSFC Denny Henry

Office of the Chief Engineer Handbooks

NASA’s Office of the Chief Engineer maintains this valuable collection of handbooks, including the NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Handbook and the Systems Engineering Handbook.


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APPEL Knowledge Services Courses


Environmental Portrait of Research Engineer Wensheng Huang working on a Hall thruster in the Electric Propulsion Laboratory at NASA Glenn Research Center. Credit: NASA

Systems Engineering
(SE) Courses

Explore the fundamentals of systems engineering and the many applications at NASA in this collection of courses.

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This computer-generated perspective view of the Pwyll impact crater on Jupiter's moon Europa was created using images taken by NASA's Galileo spacecraft camera when the spacecraft flew past that moon on Feb. 20 and Dec. 16, 1997 during its 6th and 12th orbits of Jupiter. Credit: NASA

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Courses

These courses present the foundations of Model-Based Systems Engineering and its applications at NASA.

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Relevant Documents


Systems Engineering Management Plans (SEMPs)

Explore resources about Systems Engineering Management Plans, a frequently updated document that describes the details of a project, how it is organized, and the resources required through the project lifecycle.

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NASA Policies and Standards

Valuable information about NASA’s Policies and Standards, including the NASA Technical Standards Program (NTSP), Systems Engineering Process and Requirements, and Software Engineering Requirements.

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Three Sigma Leadership

Three Sigma Leadership is a practical guide to leadership skills for NASA’s Corps of Chief Engineers. NASA sets the bar high for its Chief Engineers, and Three Sigma Leadership explains those expectations in straightforward terminology with relevant experiences from the author’s career.

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NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NASA Only) 

The NESC Academy presents live and on-demand content from researchers, engineers, and field experts in 21 technical disciplines.

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NASA Engineering Network (NASA Only)

A NASA Community of Practice is a distributed, peer-driven network of individuals, engaged in a specific discipline, who come together to share their collective knowledge and learn from one another.

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Technical Authority

The Technical Authority process ensures that the engineering, health, and safety communities have an independent, influential role in providing alternate perspectives during the decision-making process.

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