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Systems Engineering

Competencies are the foundation of training and developing project and program managers. NASA APPEL Knowledge Services developed the Systems Engineering Competency Model to support the professional development of NASA’s technical workforce. At NASA, “systems engineering” is defined as a methodical, multi-disciplinary approach for the design, realization, technical management, operations, and retirement of a system (Systems Engineering Handbook).

This model outlines distinct competency areas for systems engineers, as well as shared competencies that encompass both project management and systems engineering. There are 17 systems engineering competencies, which are categorized into 3 overall areas. The 14 shared competencies, common to both project management and systems engineers, are categorized into 5 general areas. Regularly reviewing and assessing competencies will help determine where skill gaps exist and need to be addressed.

This model can be used in conjunction with the Project Management and Systems Engineering Development frameworks and our Curated Curricula to develop the skills and abilities that are considered drivers of success at NASA.

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Categories and Competencies

Common Competencies