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Have a general question?

Please contact the business office at: (321) 861-4100

Have questions about the Academy Center for Excellence (ACE)?

Click here to learn more about the Academy Center for Excellence (ACE).

If you would like to reserve a space, please contact Dallas Neener

Have questions about courses at your Center?

Center Points of Contact serve as liaisons between each NASA center’s training community. They are the local representatives and should be the first point of contact for center-specific course information.

Center Points of Contact (POC’s)


Center Name Phone Number E-mail Address
AFRC (Primary) Heather Hawley  (650)-604-1022
AFRC (Alternate) Patrick Yamamoto (650) 604-8499
ARC (Primary) Christine Doan (650) 604-4662
ARC (Alternate) Patrick Yamamoto (650) 604-8499
GRC (Primary) Kathy Clark (216) 433-8354
GSFC (Primary)  Alysha Bayens (301) 286-5981
GSFC (Manager) Moses Adoko (301) 286-0114
HQ (Primary)

Monika Mayfield

(614) 596-4389

HQ (Alternate) Brandon Haygood (202) 358-1413
IV&V (Primary) David Runyon (304) 367-8248
JPL (Primary) Mark Lopez (818) 393-6878
JSC (Primary)

Aaron Blevins

(281) 483-3111
JSC (Alternate)

Greg Grant

(281) 483-2601
KSC (Primary) Amy Munch (321) 867-5903
KSC (Manager) Timothy Pirlo (321) 867-8760
LaRC (Primary) Travis Millner (757) 864-3431
MSFC (Primary) Cathy Fletcher (256) 544-7752
NSSC (Primary) Anita Douglas (228) 688-3698
SSC (Primary) Anita Douglas (228) 688-3698


Have questions about registration or course logistics?

Training and Support Specialists are the primary points-of-contact for logistical coordination and course management.

Training and Support Contact Information

Name Phone E-Mail Title
Anika Lunan
(321) 867-6812 Manager
Dallas Neener (321) 867-6819 Senior Specialist
Susan Largent (321) 861-1572 Specialist
Samantha Stoll (321) 861-1208 Specialist
Tyler Waddell (321) 861-1112 Specialist


Have questions about courses?

The Curriculum Team is the primary point-of-contact for any course content questions.

Curriculum Team

Name Phone E-Mail Title
Lesley Young (240) 405-4240 Curriculum Manager
Mai Bruneau  (571)-329-0034 Curriculum Lead
Sydney Feagen (571) 422-8205 SE Curriculum Lead