Voyager 2 has entered interstellar space. Credit: NASA
Voyager 2 Enters Interstellar Space

Probe that rewrote textbooks in the 1980s reaches a remarkable milestone decades later.

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An illustration of Parker Solar Probe approaching the Sun. Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Steve Gribben
NASA Mission Updates

The Parker Solar Probe reaches the Sun, OSIRIS-REx finds hydroxyls on Bennu, and still no contact from Opportunity.

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Example of thermal strap joint configuration. Photo Credit: NASA.
Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Thermal Strap Joint Relaxation and Material Creep

Material creep and joint relaxation in thermal strap joints under load at room temperature can result in thermal performance degradation at cryogenic operating temperatures.

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Taken aboard Apollo 8 by William A. Anders, this iconic picture shows Earth rising above the lunar surface as the first crewed spacecraft orbited the Moon. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Apollo 8 Changes the World’s Perspective

One billion people were following news of the first spacecraft to reach the Moon with humans aboard. 

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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin walks on the surface of the moon near the leg of the lunar module Eagle during the Apollo 11 mission. When NASA returns to the Moon, it will be with commercial partners. Credit: NASA
NASA Announces Innovative Moon Partnerships

Payload program is envisioned to foster a robust commercial space program in which NASA is one customer among many.

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Critical Knowledge Insight Featured Image December 6
Critical Knowledge inSight: The Importance of Hands-on Work

Doing hands-on work provides people direct experiences with components, objects and circumstances to encourage personal understanding of a specific subject matter.

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NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and Deputy Administrator Jim Morhard present an award at the NASA Honor Award ceremony Thursday, November 8, 2018 at NASA Headquarters in Washington. Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani
APPEL Knowledge Services Wins Headquarters Honor Award for Team Excellence

Merger of APPEL and CKO creates synergies that strengthen both functions. 

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On the set of the November 15th Virtual Project Management Challenge. From left to right: Host Ramien Pierre, Thomas Zurbuchen, and William Gerstenmaier. Credit: NASA
VPMC: Gerstenmaier and Zurbuchen share Lessons Learned from Large NASA Projects

Leaders with decades of high-profile experience on NASA’s largest projects discuss the importance of good culture, open communication, and realistic expectations to mission success.

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