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New Podcast Episode: TechPort

NASA TechPort’s Patrick Murphy and Ryan Miller discuss how technologists and innovators can use the tool to exchange ideas for groundbreaking solutions.

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Illustration of Blue Origin's concept for a commercial lunar lander. Credit: Blue Origin
New Companies Commit to Commercial Lunar Payload Services Initiative

Expansion provides a wide array of approaches to landing science and technology on the Moon. 

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The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) experiment, seen here in 2011, after it was installed at the International Space Station. NASA is conducting a series of spacewalks to install a new cooling system. Credit: NASA/Ron Garan
Ambitious Spacewalks Aim to Repair Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

Astronauts will work to add new cooling system to key physics experiment at ISS.

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New Podcast Episode: Swamp Works

NASA Swamp Works Senior Technologist Rob Mueller discusses technologies being developed for missions to the Moon and Mars.

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Commander Charles “Pete” Conrad Jr. examines the TV camera of Surveyor 3 prior to detaching it and returning it, and other pieces of the lander, to Earth for analysis. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Lightning Strikes Apollo

Team solves glitches to save NASA’s second mission to land on the Moon.

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Critical Knowledge inSight: Testing to Mitigate Risk

Testing is an important part of reducing risk in spacecraft design, and can help determine limits and allow learning about a spacecraft’s performance.

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New Podcast Episode: Reflections on Columbia

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Chief Knowledge Officer Ed Rogers discusses the complex human elements involved in disasters such as the Space Shuttle Columbia accident.

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A VIPER engineering model is driven over slopes, textures and soils that simulate the lunar environment to test its mobility systems. Credit: NASA/Johnson Space Center
New Rover Will Examine Water Ice on the Moon

VIPER mission to the Moon’s south pole will quantify precious resources in shaded craters.

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