An artist’s concept of the next generation human lunar landing system. Credit: NASA
NASA Selects Partners for Lunar Lander Development

Eleven companies will work on aspects of reusable system to shuttle astronauts to and from the Moon. 

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Critical Knowledge inSight: Space Shuttle Program: Formulation, Development, and Operations – Lessons Learned

As NASA was approaching the final flight of the space shuttle, a discussion panel was held at Masters Forum 20: Passing the Torch 3 to reflect upon the many important lessons learned from the formulation, development and operation of the Space Shuttle Program.

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New Podcast Episode: Commercial Crew

Jon Cowart, a veteran space engineer, discusses NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and progress toward launching astronauts from American soil.

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Spotlight on Lessons Learned: SpaceWire Cable Fabrication and Installation

Problems experienced with SpaceWire cable used in flight hardware intended for deployment on the International Space Station resulted in lessons learned and recommendations to help avoid similar issues.

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Host Ramien Pierre, left, and Kevin Rivers, Director of the Research Directorate at Langley Research Center discuss resiliency. Credit: NASA
VPMC Guests Discuss Importance of Resiliency

New session, available on demand, offers advice on how project managers can better deal with adversity.

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Virtual Project Management Challenge: How to Get to the Moon: Success Lessons from Apollo. RSVP Today!

Join us for the next Virtual PM Challenge on June 3, 2019.

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President John F. Kennedy addressed a special joint session of Congress on May 25, 1961, establishing a bold goal for the U.S. to land a human on the Moon and return him safely to Earth by the end of the decade, requesting $9.5 billion to do so. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Kennedy Sets Course for the Moon

President addressed Congress 58 years ago this month, revealing a bold vision for expansion of U.S. space program.

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New Podcast Episode: Concurrent Engineering

The European Space Agency’s Torsten Bieler discusses how ESA uses concurrent engineering.

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