Knowledge Sharing

The Academy’s Knowledge Sharing Initiative promotes excellence in project management and engineering leadership development. Its primary strategy focuses on gathering and sharing knowledge and wisdom from the best program/project and engineering leaders across the Agency. This initiative has proven to be an effective catalyst in building and supporting ongoing NASA communities of practice.

Knowledge Sharing at NASA

APPEL training and forums bring together thought leaders and practitioners in the fields of project management, systems engineering, and knowledge management to share stories and lessons learned.

Dialogue through narratives and informal storytelling is used to give practitioners a sense of the context in which experience has been acquired, obstacles overcome, successes achieved. The storytelling conversational format also helps practitioners grasp the tacit nature of the knowledge being shared.

Training, forums, publications, and multimedia provide NASA managers, scientists, and engineers with examples and lessons learned, while leading teams through the various steps of project management.

Training & Forums



  • ASK Magazine — Award-winning quarterly source for NASA project management and engineering excellence
  • APPEL News Digest — Monthly electronic newsletter
  • Robust Case Studies — Used across NASA to facilitate discussion and learning


Masters with Masters

  • A series of Web-based learning videos that bring together two master practitioners to reflect on their experiences, lessons learned, and thoughts about upcoming challenges
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