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  • Critical Knowledge inSight: Challenges of Out-of-House Project Work

    Out-of-house work brings some specific challenges for a NASA project manager.

  • Critical Knowledge inSight: Collaborating Across Cultures

    Working on international programs and projects makes good collaboration essential.

  • Critical Knowledge inSight: Lessons from Complex Partnerships

    Carefully designing a customer-facing management organization can build strong working relationships that help complex missions and programs succeed.

  • DART Takes Aim at Asteroid Moonlet

    Mission will be first space test of kinetic impactor method.

  • Flywheel Technology at The NASA Glenn Research Center

    The NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland Ohio is involved in the development of this technology for space and terrestrial applications. NASA GRC is proposing a Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS) concept to replace the current Nickel Hydrogen batteries in the International Space Station (ISS) Electrical Power System. Due to the longer design life (15 […]

  • Introducing Knowledge Management at NASA Glenn

    A short introduction to the basic principals of Knowledge Management (KM) at NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) in Cleveland, OH. For more information, please contact the GRC Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO).

  • Knowledge Community Corner: NASA Glenn’s Janice Romanin

    Janice Romanin discusses knowledge sharing at NASA’s Glenn Research Center.

  • Knowledge Management at GRC

    This is a presentation that provides a recent historical perspective of the knowledge management strategy and goals for Glenn Research Center as presented by Chief Knowledge Officer Marton Forkosh at the NASA Knowledge Community Face-to-Face at Johnson Space Center in 2014.

  • Masters with Masters at Glenn Research Center on Project Leadership and Mentoring

    Project Leadership and Mentoring at Glenn Research Center were highlighted in a double Masters with Masters at Glenn Research Center. The two sets of interviews highlight lessons from project leadership and mentoring. Hoffman discussed issues related to project leadership and lessons learned with Carol Ginty, Orion Program Integration Lead at the GRC, and Susan Motil, […]