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PM&SE Competency Model

The Project Management and Systems Engineering competency model outlines distinct competency areas for project managers and systems engineers, as well as shared competencies that encompass both disciplines. There are 18 separate project management competencies and 17 systems engineering competencies, which are categorized into 3 overall areas. The 14 shared competencies, common to both project management and systems engineers, are categorized into 5 general areas.

PM&SE Career Development Framework

The PM&SE Development Framework provides an overview of NASA’s four PM and SE career levels, reflecting increased responsibilities and performance expectations. The Framework includes a description of each level of development and the learning and development emphasis for each.

NASA Young Professionals

Many NASA centers have established groups dedicated to young professional networking and career development activities. While some groups are more established than others, there is a shared interest across the community to enable young NASA employees to connect with their peers and colleagues at their centers and across the agency. Group activities include virtual workshops and panels, “lunch and learn” events, discussions with seasoned employees, book clubs, and community service.

NASA FAC-P/PM Certification Program

The Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) led an interagency working group to develop common, essential competencies for the program and project management community. The resulting Federal Acquisition Certification for Program/Project Managers (FAC-P/PM) outlines the baseline competencies, training, and experience required for program and project managers in the federal government. NASA developed a program to certify Program/Project Managers (P/PMs) who are currently managing projects with lifecycle costs greater than $250 million as defined in NPR 7120.5.

Defense Acquisition University Training (DAU) Opportunities

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