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  • 2016 Session 3: Considering It All For Project Success: Dissenting Opinions at NASA

    Time:  Wednesday, June 22, 2016 @ 1:30 – 3:00 pm (ET) Presenters: Dr. Nigel Packham – Manager, Flight Safety Office, NASA Johnson Space Center Peter Spidaliere – Mission Systems Engineer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Abstract: Program and project managers must make thousands of decisions in the course of delivering successful products and missions. But how […]

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective (NASA) Systems Engineers

    September VPMC session examines how NASA’s top systems engineers approach their role.

  • Andrew Chaikin–The Challenge Of Exploration

    Andrew Chaikin spoke at the Johnson Space Center Teague Auditorium September 16, 2015 to highlight the challenges of space exploration. We all want to see humans on Mars. How can we make it happen? Mr. Chaikin talks about the challenges of exploration—not just the technological hurdles, but the obstacles of politics and human behavior that we must get over in order to be successful. He also discusses valuable lessons from the Apollo program and from the recent New Horizons flyby of Pluto, and the rewards of those explorations: new discoveries and the increased awareness they bring.

  • Apollo 10 Panel

    Apollo 10 Panel discussion conducted at JSC’s Building 2 Teaque Auditorium.

  • Apollo EVA Fact Sheets

    A series of documents which provide details and facts, including dates of launches, moon walks, spacesuit information, definitions of acronyms, and information about hundreds of activities surrounding the spacewalks (extravehicular activities or EVAs) which took place outside of the Apollo spacecrafts.

  • Apollo Panel Discussions

    Panel discussions at Johnson Space Center including topics on Apollo Engineering Design, Development, and Certification Challenges, Lunar Module Landing Operations, Lunar Science Operations, Lunar Module Development and Operational Issues, Command Module Landing and Recovery Operations.

  • Apollo Storytelling

    A collection of videos from various Apollo era events; such as, one on one sessions with astronauts, discussions about space suits, sessions with managers during the Apollo era, etc.

  • Developing an Effective Exploration Food System Case Study

    As with any exploratory expedition, whether it be Columbus’s journey to find the New World, Ernest Shackleton’s polar expedition, or NASA preparing for humans to return to the moon to stay, providing the crew light-weight, compact, nutritious and tasty food is a challenge.