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  • Apollo 10 Panel

    Apollo 10 Panel discussion conducted at JSC’s Building 2 Teaque Auditorium.

  • EVA Historical Information

    This is a repository of EVA lessons learned and EVA history at Johnson Space Center.

  • EVA Lessons Learned

    A look at the history, evolution and future of Extravehicular Activity, also known as spacewalking. Hear from NASA team members who took part in making this complex task a reality, enabling some of the most impressive and daring achievements in the history of human spaceflight.

  • EVA Significant Incidents and Close Calls

    The JSC S&MA Flight Safety Office (FSO) created this graphical tool to highlight the risks of space exploration and to provide engineers with a summary of past experience. The chart depicts incidents during EVAs in orbit and on the lunar surface, which caused or could have caused injury, death, or the loss of the mission. […]

  • Goldfire Search

    Search tool that provides quick access to contextually relevant results and the ability to leverage enterprise-wide data, information, and lessons learned.

  • ISS Design Knowledge Capture

    International Space Station design documentation.

  • ISS Science Friday

    This is the International Space Station (ISS) Science Lecture Series with experts sharing their knowledge in video format.

  • JSC Case Studies

    This is a repository that contains case studies written about and by projects and program lessons learned at Johnson Space Flight Center.