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  • A Guide for Capturing Knowledge and Lessons Learned in Meetings

    Meetings can be designed and executed as an effective knowledge capture and sharing tool.

  • After Action Review (Pause and Learn)

    “After Action Reviews (AAR) are an effective approach for capturing the knowledge gained from activities and projects. They’re great for ensuring that the lessons learned from one project or team are shared with the rest of the organization, with a view to improving overall performance.”

  • Apollo 1 Web Page

    Web page providing an in-depth look at the Apollo 1 AS-204 mission.

  • Apollo 1-Challenger-Columbia

    Every year as we get back in the saddle, our Remembrance Day signals us to think back to the tragic events of Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia as well as the context surrounding them. We’re accountable for learning from not just what went wrong, but how we recovered. As an example, read these rules recorded by Wayne Hale, former NASA Flight Director and Space Shuttle Program Manager. By actually applying such lessons from the past to your current work, our actions can honor our lost crews beyond silent reflection.

  • Apollo 13 Web Page

    Web page providing an in-depth look at the Apollo 13 CSM-109 LM-7 mission.

  • APPEL KS Knowledge Capture and Transfer

    This page provides resources to help NASA leaders and teams take steps to build a culture that connects employees to knowledge when they join a team and that retains the critical knowledge held by experienced personnel in advance of retirement or other transitions. 

  • Automated Literature Analysis

    Automated Literature Analysis using Watson Explorer.

  • Center NESC Contacts

    Each NASA field center has a local NESC representative who serves as a point of contact for center-based issues related to the NESC. Find information for your local contact through the NASA Enterprise Directory (NED).

  • Challenger Web Page

    Web page providing an in-depth look at the Space Shuttle Challenger STS- 51L mission.