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  • Critical Knowledge inSight: Testing to Mitigate Risk

    Testing is an important part of reducing risk in spacecraft design, and can help determine limits and allow learning about a spacecraft’s performance.

  • Engineering NoteBook/MarVIN

    The Marshall Virtual Information Notebook, MarVIN, (formerly called the Engineering Notebook or the Propulsion Databook) is a MediaWiki-based tool for capturing specific working knowledge during a project in a format familiar to everyone. MarVIN allows for both encyclopedia-like recordation of facts, terminology, and knowledge, and as a self-censored recordation of emerging facts and figures cogent […]

  • MSFC Case Studies

    Case Studies illustrating the experiences of MSFC project leaders, program managers, scientists, and engineers are shared through the NASA LLIS system and on MSFC’s ExplorNet site addressing such topics as design decisions, launch commit decisions, project team dynamics, program planning and execution, and overcoming impediments to innovation.

  • Oral Histories and Historical Documents

    The MSFC History Office contains and creates oral histories from distinguished current and former MSFC leaders. Prominently, the Webpage highlights oral histories from 40 interviewees featured in Power to Explore: A History of Marshall Space Flight Center, 1960-1990 and a spotlight on Dr. Werner Von Braun, first Center Director of the Marshall Space Flight Center. […]

  • Program/Project Engineering Collaborative Environment (PECE) Communities of Practice SharePoint Site

    PECE provides a structured digital location for organizing discipline specific Communities of Practice (CoP). Using a SharePoint platform, organizational knowledge is collected in communities and neighborhoods. PECE houses lessons learned, best practices, work instructions, and training guides that are relevant to each CoP. PECE features a search tool that allows community members to search across […]