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  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Button Battery Power Supply Issue

    An issue with a button battery holder appears to be the cause of an unplanned reset of the Real-Time Clock on the International Space Station Urine Processing Assembly.

  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Orbital Space Plane – Engineers as Smart Buyers

    Good acquisition management emphasizes not only what – but how – to buy.

  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Program Management of ISERV Design, Development, and Qualification Class D Hardware Integration

    Specific events and obstacles encountered during the design and development of the ISERV payload provide the basis of an applicable program management lesson learned.

  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Tube Stub Weld Design Change

    Strong lines of communication between designers and analysts must be maintained to ensure fidelity of analysis results as flight component configurations evolve.

  • Critical Knowledge inSight: Testing to Mitigate Risk

    Testing is an important part of reducing risk in spacecraft design, and can help determine limits and allow learning about a spacecraft’s performance.

  • Engineering NoteBook/MarVIN

    The Marshall Virtual Information Notebook, MarVIN, (formerly called the Engineering Notebook or the Propulsion Databook) is a MediaWiki-based tool for capturing specific working knowledge during a project in a format familiar to everyone. MarVIN allows for both encyclopedia-like recordation of facts, terminology, and knowledge, and as a self-censored recordation of emerging facts and figures cogent […]

  • Knowledge Community Corner: NASA Marshall’s Preston Jones

    Preston Jones discusses knowledge sharing at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

  • Launch and Space Systems E-library (LaSSe) SharePoint

    MSFC [Request access to MSFC LaSSe in NAMS]: Web-based, electronic library providing engineers with a single source for historical, current and one-of-a-kind launch, scientific and research data. LaSSe facilitates data storage, retrieval, viewing, and full-text searches from an access-controlled, user-friendly interface.

  • MSFC Case Studies

    Case Studies illustrating the experiences of MSFC project leaders, program managers, scientists, and engineers are shared through the NASA LLIS system and on MSFC’s ExplorNet site addressing such topics as design decisions, launch commit decisions, project team dynamics, program planning and execution, and overcoming impediments to innovation.