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  • Checkpoint Reviews

    TQ&E (Technical Quality and Excellence) Checkpoint Reviews are typically held to provide additional insight, suggestions, and recommendations to projects as they are preparing for an upcoming milestone. TQ&E will assemble a panel to review the materials developed and provide feedback based on the Checkpoint Objectives that projects or groups define themselves.

  • ECM

    ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is the NASA IV&V Program’s enterprise content management system, a formalized means of organizing and storing documents and other content that relates to the Program’s processes and activities.

  • Heritage Reviews–Project Management Guidebook–IV&V Confluence (

    Heritage Reviews are performed as part of IV&V Project Initiation. Heritage reviews are intended to: (1) Ensure faults do not cascade from one project to another through inheritance or reuse of hardware interfaces and software. (2) Promote IV&V team understanding of previous faults, past developer assumptions, and on-orbit anomaly impacts, supporting a more complete scoping […]

  • IV&V Lessons Learned and Organizational Learning System Level Procedure (SLP)

    The purpose of this system level procedure (SLP) is to promote organizational learning and to establish a consistent and documented method of capturing Lessons Learned within the NASA IV&V Program.

  • IV&V Lessons Learned Tool

    IV&V Program lessons learned repository, including text and links to Video lessons.

  • IV&V Management System (IMS)

    The IV&V Management System (IMS) is an ISO 9001 and ISO 17020 certified quality management system. The Webpage is a collection of processes and supporting documents that provide guidance on how NASA’s IV&V Program conducts business and provides services to stakeholders.

  • IV&V Program (SharePoint)

    This SharePoint site is the NASA IV&V Program’s content management system (replacing ECM in 2024), providing a centralized location for organizing and storing documents and other content that relates to the Program’s processes and activities.

  • Knowledge Sharing Session Videos

    Video recordings (presentation audio) of Tech Discussions, Monday Workshops, Training sessions (technical concepts, tool training, etc.). Recordings are logged and posted for future viewing.

  • Monday Workshops–Event Descriptions–IV&V Tech Discussions–IV&V Confluence (

    Monday Workshops provide a forum for knowledge sharing within the IV&V community to maximize our experiences and raise the effectiveness of the organization as a whole. These will tend to be oriented towards information sharing and future needs as opposed to current needs, but not exclusively. 60 minutes. Open to the entire IV&V Program.