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  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Best Practices for the Elemental Profiling of High-Purity Hydrazine

    Best practices for conducting high-purity hydrazine elemental analysis processes must be followed to avoid sample contamination that could impact space missions.

  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Copper Tube Pinch Failure

    While pinching copper tubes is a standard practice for many applications on Earth, it presents challenges for spaceflight applications.

  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Thermal Vacuum Lamp Spectrum

    Potential modeling inaccuracy may be avoided in thermal vacuum tests by using heater plates instead of quartz lamps.

  • Apollo Era Resources

    A collection of articles and publications, case studies, and videos on the Apollo program to assist researchers, facilitators, and the technical workforce.

  • Columbia Reconstruction

    Mike Leinbach, former space shuttle launch director, led NASA’s reconstruction efforts after the loss of Columbia. In this video, he shares how the agency worked to piece together the found debris to learn exactly what happened during the accident.

  • Columbia: Her Continued Mission

    While NASA needed to study Columbia to learn exactly what happened to the shuttle and return to flight, the agency also knew that the artifacts had a lot to teach others. NASA started the loan program, so others could study her: learning her lessons and advancing science for future generations. This is Columbia’s continued mission.

  • Columbia’s Last Mission

    The Space Shuttle Columbia thundered skyward at 10:39 AM on January 16, 2003 from Kennedy Space Center. Little more than a minute later, a chunk of insulating foam tore away from the external fuel tank and splintered against Columbia’s left wing. The incident did not disrupt Columbia’s planned path to orbit; indeed, nobody on the […]

  • Down to the Wire: Space Shuttle mission STS-116

    Case study- During the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) recovery for the Space Shuttle mission STS-116, an injury occurred on the retrieval ship MV Freedom Star. On Dec. 12, 2006, the ship was towing a booster into port when the tow wire jumped from its tow chute and struck a nearby crewman.