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  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Electrical Short Circuits due to Tin Whiskers

    An investigation into the cause of intermittent electrical shorts on the Cassini space probe over a six-year period determined they were most likely due to the presence of tin whiskers. 

  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Proximate Cause of the SMAP Radar Failure

    Testing and investigation identified an unexpected over-voltage condition as the proximate cause of failure of the radar instrument portion of the Soil Moisture Active Passive mission. 

  • Critical Knowledge inSight: Lessons from Complex Partnerships

    Carefully designing a customer-facing management organization can build strong working relationships that help complex missions and programs succeed.

  • DART Takes Aim at Asteroid Moonlet

    Mission will be first space test of kinetic impactor method.

  • E.Z. Science​: Launching to Mars with NASA’s Perseverance Rover

    Let’s talk about science! In the latest episode of #EZScience​, learn about the upcoming launch of Perseverance. Dr. E and Dr. Z talk about the technological advancements of the newest Mars rover (and helicopter!). The premiere of this episode is part of the National Air and Space Museum’s Mars Day program.

  • E.Z. Science​: Mars Perseverance Rover Will Look for Signs of Ancient Life

    Let’s talk about science! In the latest episode of #EZScience​, learn about the science behind NASA’s Perseverance rover that is targeted to launch to the Red Planet on July 30.

  • E.Z. Science​: Preparing to Launch the Perseverance Rover to Mars

    In this “On the Go” episode of #EZScience​, we’re on the scene at Kennedy Space Center with the rocket that will take the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter to Mars.

  • JPL Critical Knowledge, Risk Management and Knowledge Management Presentation

    JPL Critical Knowledge, Risk Management and Knowledge Management presentation at the 14th International Symposium on Reliability.

  • JPL Knowledge Management Case Studies

    A Harvard Business Review Business School case study about how JPL’s Chief Knowledge Office captures, stores and shares their knowledge recourses.