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  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Thermal Vacuum Lamp Spectrum

    Potential modeling inaccuracy may be avoided in thermal vacuum tests by using heater plates instead of quartz lamps.

  • Apollo Resources From Within the Langley Technical Library

    This page provides links to Apollo resources that were collected as part of the 50th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing. They include links to the NASA special 50th anniversary web site, the NASA Cultural Resources Apollo Program at Langley website, other NASA websites, relevant Smithsonian Institution material, relevant Flickr photos, and other links.

  • Automated Literature Analysis

    Automated Literature Analysis using Watson Explorer.

  • Critical Knowledge inSight: Building Team Cohesion

    Team cohesion and good communication are key factors for a team to be successful on a project.

  • DART Takes Aim at Asteroid Moonlet

    Mission will be first space test of kinetic impactor method.

  • Knowledge Community Corner: NASA Langley’s Kevin Rivers

    Kevin Rivers discusses knowledge sharing at NASA’s Langley Research Center. 

  • LaRC Institutional Knowledge Management

    LaRC local lessons learned and best practices.

  • Mitigating Cognitive Bias in Engineering Decision-Making

    A recent Virtual PM Challenge explored the importance of raising awareness of cognitive bias in engineering decision-making and limiting its impact on NASA projects.