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Team cohesion and good communication are key factors for a team to be successful on a project.

In this video clip, Mike Cisewski, the Project Manager for Navigation Doppler Lidar, shares his knowledge about the importance of good team cohesion and methods to build or enhance a team’s communication.

Video key learning points:

  1. 1.

    Take care with how you communicate. Give timely news about the project to the key players at the very same time. This flat communication method will build trust in the project manager and demonstrate transparency with information. It is especially important to let everyone know about bad news at the same time so that no one in the team gets surprised.

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    Include opportunities for fun. Do fun activities and have some informal team gatherings where people will be able have conversations they might not get to have during their normal work routine. Create awards for ‘team member of the month’ to celebrate good performance.

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    Assess your team members and make sure you quickly resolve any issues with team members whose attitudes or behaviors could negatively affect others.

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    Try to learn from all the project managers you have worked with in your career to develop yourself as a leader.


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