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  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Best Practices for the Elemental Profiling of High-Purity Hydrazine

    Best practices for conducting high-purity hydrazine elemental analysis processes must be followed to avoid sample contamination that could impact space missions.

  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Cable Harness Wiring and Connector Anomalies Caused by Induced Damage in Human Spaceflight Vehicles

    NASA has discovered wiring damage issues in every crewed vehicle system, but early indications suggest the new generation of vehicles appears to benefit from more simplified designs and lower technician traffic during integration.

  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Electrical Short Circuits due to Tin Whiskers

    An investigation into the cause of intermittent electrical shorts on the Cassini space probe over a six-year period determined they were most likely due to the presence of tin whiskers. 

  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Improving Government Insight Through Independent Simulation of Key Flight Phases

    For NASA programs using risk-based independent verification and validation (IV&V), detailed NASA-developed/supported simulation of key flight phases provides deeper government insight and certification ability.

  • Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Static Software Analysis of the NASA Autonomous Flight Termination Software

    A NASA Engineering and Safety Center assessment of the Autonomous Flight Termination System resulted in coding standard and software static analysis recommendations for software development teams.

  • Center NESC Contacts

    Each NASA field center has a local NESC representative who serves as a point of contact for center-based issues related to the NESC. Find information for your local contact through the NASA Enterprise Directory (NED).

  • NESC Academy

    The NESC Academy presents live and on-demand content from researchers, engineers, and field experts in 20 technical disciplines relevant to the design, development, test, and operation of NASA programs and projects. It hosts more than 780 Videos containing interviews, tutorials, lectures, and lessons learned in an engaging format that features side-by-side Video and slides, powerful […]

  • NESC Discipline Focus Articles

    Discipline Focus articles highlight important information, gleaned from NESC assessments, which may benefit a wider audience. 

  • NESC Engineering Reports

    The detailed engineering and analyses generated from each assessment are captured in comprehensive engineering reports and converted to NASA Technical Memorandums (TM) for permanent archive and access. For information on how to access NESC reports, visit the Engineering Reports page.