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October 30, 2008 Vol. 1, Issue 10


No matter where your project team is in its life cycle, the Academy offers direct support that can help.

The Academy’s direct team support services increase a project’s probability of success by delivering the right support at the right time. Through one-on-one assistance, focused workshops, or large-group sessions, we help projects achieve immediate project goals while enhancing long-term team capabilities.

Project performance enhancement begins with assessments and consultations to evaluate needs. Based on the assessments, Academy experts propose relevant developmental activities. These services are provided through either field center or agency funding.

Assessment and Development

Team managers improve project and executive team dynamics most effectively when they assess team and individual behavior. The assessment tools we use can measure behavioral effectiveness for teams and leaders, as well as team knowledge. Following assessment, interventions can include workshops, coaching, and consultation with experienced practitioners, many of them retired NASA and aerospace industry project managers.

Project Life Cycle Support

The Academy meets the needs of NASA project teams by providing expertise to support any project competency. Services range from consultations on team building, planning and scheduling, program control and analysis, systems integration support, risk management, and software management. NASA teams can benefit from consultation with expert practitioners and subject matter experts during every project phase from formulation through implementation and evaluation.

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