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ASK OCE — March 17, 2006 — Vol. 1, Issue 6

Engineering Management Journal, the flagship quarterly publication of the American Society for Engineering Management, devoted its entire December issue to the Center for Program/Project Management Research (CPMR), a partnership between NASA APPEL and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA).

The goal of the special issue, according to the editors, is to “provide an opportunity to invite the community into the conversation about project management issues.” The NASA-centric issue includes the following articles:

  • Lewis L. Peach, Jr. and David V. Holdridge, “CPMR: A Partnership for Leadership and Innovation in Meeting NASAs Management Challenges.”
  • Aaron Shenbar, Dov Dvir, Dragan Milosevic, Jerry Mulenburg, Peerasit Patanakul, Richard Reilly, Michael Ryan, Andrew Sage, Brian Sauser, Sabin Srivannaboon, Joca Stefanovic, and Hans Thamhain, Toward a NASA-Specific Project Management Framework.”
  • Isaac Maya, Mansour Rahimi, Najmedin Meshkati, Deepak Madabushi, Kevin Pope, and Meredith Schulte, “Cultural Influence on the Implementation of Lessons Learned in Project Management.”
  • Robin L. Dillon and Katherine H. Tinsley, “Interpreting Near-Miss Events.”
  • Timothy Kotnour and Catherine Vergopia, “Learning-Based Project Reviews: Observations and Lessons Learned From the Kennedy Space Center.”
  • Kevin P. Grant and Michael R. Baumann, “Launching the Projects in Space Learning Program.”
  • Thomas G. Lechler, Boaz Ronen, and Edward A. Stohr, “Critical Chain: A New Project Management Paradigm or Old Wine in New Bottles?”
  • Daniel S. Wong, Vinit M. Desai, Peter Madsen, Karlene H. Roberts, and Anthony Ciavarelli, “Measuring Organizational Safety and Effectiveness at NASA.”


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