Highlights – Issue 10, January 2003

So This Is Knowledge Sharing

At the heart of the problem was the review itself. We had tried to cram too much information into only three days.
By Susan Motil

Dressing Down

I was the one taking the notes and so it fell on me to be the one to capture everything that was said
By Harvey Schabes

A Little Goes a Long Way

I made observations as we began to work together; one of them was that no attention had been given to the control room where we worked
By Kimberly R. Jenkins

Thanksgiving Hocus Pocus

First order of business: Help the client survive the shock. Nobody on our team said anything about “we told you so"
By Christian Zazzali

Learning the ABCs (of Project Management)

Of course, a good project manager always knows, at least in general terms, what is supposed to happen next
By Allan Frandsen

The Project Management Tool Kit

A good sense of humor rarely seems to be one of the deciding factors in choosing someone to be a project manager
By W. Scott Cameron

I Hate Reviews!

I think there are a host of donut-eaters and coffee-drinkers out there that are professional reviewers
By Terry Little

Pragmatic Leadership Advice from Donald Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld’s management philosophy is unique and direct, and the best part is he’s written it down
By Dougals R. Teany

ASK Talks with Alex McCool

From Redstone in the ’50s to SkyLab in the ’90s, NASA pioneer Alex McCool talks about mentoring, methods, and motivation

ASK Magazine, Issue 10, January 2003

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