Highlights – Issue 11, March 2003
  • The Story of JPL Stories

    The Story of JPL Stories

    By Teresa Bailey A few years ago, I attended a national conference on knowledge management. Larry Prusak gave the keynote address. He distilled what was important about knowledge management in a single word: storytelling.

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  • Speed Merchants

    Speed Merchants

    A Conversation with W. Scott Cameron and Terry Little We’re all interested in quality, but if we can’t deliver a project on time, quality becomes a moot point.

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Thank You, Judy

After about a month of trying to figure out ways to get around it, I finally had to accept the fact that these cuts were real
By Roy Malone

My Schooling in Leadership

I used to work seven days a week. I don't do that now, and the people who work for me seem to get more done
By Judy Stokley

Give It to Chuck

Chuck would do anything I asked--and then some things I didn't dare to ask. Whatever needed to be done, he'd do it
By Frank Snow


Certain activities are crucial to a mission's success. I needed to understand the mission and become a salesperson for it while building my team
By Ken Schwer

Back to Basics

One of the teams caught my eye. I confidently predicted that this team would achieve the highest score on the exercise
By Owen Gadeken

Scheduling in the Real World

How long could we have a spacecraft out of thermal vac and still have confidence that it would work when launched? We didn't know
By Marty Davis

The Story of JPL Stories

What did I hope to capture that wasn't already being expressed? It was personal experience, I realized
By Teresa Bailey

A Conversation with W. Scott Cameron and Terry Little

The big three when it comes to a project are cost, quality and speed. They're all negotiable

PERT Charts Take Precedence

Enthusiasm for accomplishing the next goal was reborn each time we looked at the graphics on our wall
By Ray Morgan

ASK Talks with Cathy Peddie

Switching from project management to program management, Cathy Peddie of the John Glenn Research Center gained another view of the big picture

ASK Magazine, Issue 11, March 2003

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