Highlights – Issue 12, June 2003

Earthly Considerations on Mars

Much had already been written about the Mars missions. Why did I think I had something new to say?
By Tim Flores

Getting Politically Active

I spent a lot of time explaining my vision for the new program--and listening to their complaints
By Dr. Robert J. Shaw

Stumping for the Project

Where I work, we joke about how we all went to engineering school but what we really needed were classes in political science and marketing
By Carol Ginty

Grins & Giggles: The Launch Pad to High Performance

"Bring your lunch," he said, "we're gonna have some fun." We were a little apprehensive--was this allowed?
By Maj. Norman H. Patnode

Transfer Wisdom Workshops: Coming to a NASA Center Near You

I didn't have anything to back me up other than my confidence in the philosophies we were teaching and my belief in the value of the TWWs
By By Denise Lee

Project Management: The Television Show

While watching the latest episode, I recognized parallels to what goes on in successful project management
By By Terry Little

Lessons Learned Again and Again and Again

I want to scream, "I learned these lessons 30 years ago.Why do we continue to learn these same lessons over and over again?"
By By W. Scott Cameron

Implementation Reviews

We took the approach of asking each team,"What do you need in order to get your job done, and how can we make that happen?"
By By Gerald Murphy

ASK Talks with Dr.Michael Hecht

Project manager or scientist? Dr.Michael Hecht of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory shows while it may be difficult, you can be both

ASK Magazine, Issue 12, June 2003

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