Highlights – Issue 14, October 2003

Enough Is Enough

It was the wrong answer because it made a simple design more complex and added little value to the mission at a major cost in time and dollars
By James Barrowman

The Clock Is Ticking

In my world of designing and creating new products, the one constant is speed -- not to mention the byproduct of speed: pressure
By Dan Gundo

Listening to That Voice Inside

I had a lot of experience making quick decisions, but something told me to follow my instinct that this decision required more consideration
By Dave Stickel

Mr. Stardust's Wild Ride

When I looked at the schedule and what had to happen with our initial funds, anxiety set in
By Dr. Kenneth L. Atkins

One Way or Another

I try to work through every scenario I can think of in advance to have everything lined up like dominoes -- but things still go wrong
By Christian Zazzali

See Attachment

When I receive an email I tend to want to stop everything and answer it
By W. Scott Cameron

Requirements:The More the Better?

In truth, most so-called "requirements" are really "desirements." They have little or nothing to do with real need
By Terry Little

Tipping the Balance

As I quickly discovered, a constellation of forces needed to be brought together to say, "We are going to make this happen"
By Claire Smith

Lessons from the Dark Side

Mistakes are all right, but failure is not. Failure is just a mistake you can't recover from
By Jerry Madden

ASK Talks with Donald Margolies

In building project schedules, Donald Margolies of Goddard Space Flight Center uses the best resource available to any project manager, the people working on the project

ASK Magazine, Issue 14, October 2003

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