Highlights – Issue 15, December 2003
  • Sink or Swim

    By Terry Little The traditional view of career development in the government goes something like this: Start your career as a functional apprentice.

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  • The Long Journey

    By W. Scott Cameron Early in my career I worked with an experienced, highly regarded design engineer who continually stated he would change assignments or companies for a nickel-an-hour salary increase.

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Class Act

We were in the design phase for Viking, and I didn't see how it was possible for me to leave the project at that point
By Tom Young

Would You Raise Your Hand?

I remember thinking, "What an innovative concept, but it will never work in our system"
By Dr. Owen Gadeken

A Good Man Is Hard to Find

One-person depth is not the same as "only one person can do it"
By Marty Davis

Staying on the Lookout

I learned that he had equipment for rapid prototyping that I didn't have at Ames
By Frank Larsen


Instead of deploying the Web site in four months, they wanted it up in just four weeks
By Jeanne M. Holm

The Long Journey

Sometimes as managers, mentors, and coaches, we need to re-examine our career "musts" and "wants"
By W. Scott Cameron

Sink or Swim

I told her that she was going into that job whether she liked it or not
By Terry Little

The Enterprise Project

We were twenty-three people thrown together in a room, without a leader
By Wendy Dolci

Fly on the Wall

This seemed like a great way for me to experience a review from a new perspective
By Dr. Gerald Mulenburg

ASK Talks with Dennis Grounds

A seasoned project manager looks back on his decision to move to Washington, D.C., for a one-year assignment, and considers how it may impact the rest of his career

ASK Magazine, Issue 15, December 2003

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