Highlights – Issue 16, February 2004
  • Going Up

    By Freddie Douglas III After a long day of travel, I found myself in a hotel elevator. I had recently graduated from NASA’s Accelerated Learning Option (ALO) at MIT, and I was proudly wearing my new school T shirt and baseball hat.

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  • Fly Away

    By Scott Tibbitts At 1 a.m. the phone rang, waking my wife and me. Karla, whose husband Kurt worked for our company, explained that Kurt had not come home from work that night. She was worried, and wanted to know if I had any idea where he might be.

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  • Coming of Age

    By Ray Morgan One of the great perks I looked forward to when I turned sixteen was being able to give up my paper route and get a regular job.

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The Journey Back

As I struggled to assimilate the loss, I had no idea what I was going to do next
By Rudy Aquilina

What GOES Around, Comes Around

The project was in horrible shape--about $500 million over budget and five years behind schedule
By Rick Obenschain

Marbles for the Imagination

What makes a young person want to be an engineer or scientist? Is it a single event?
By Jack Shue

End-to-End Commitment

When Jim cancelled the end-to-end test, some of the people he trusted most didn't agree with him
By John Newcomb

Fly Away

I explained that Kurt was missing, and that it did not look good
By Scott Tibbitts

Coming of Age

He gave me explicit instructions, "Take that plywood off the stack just as it sits -- do NOT turn it over"
By Ray Morgan

Going Up

"The Agency," the man told me, "is a waste of taxpayer dollars." I gave my tried-and-true response, but this time it fell on deaf ears
By Freddie Douglas III

Say What You Mean

The way I look at it, confrontation makes sense while you can still do something to prevent a misunderstanding
By Lynda Rutledge

ASK Talks with William Readdy

A year after Columbia, NASA's Associate Administrator for Space Flight offers a personal perspective on the Agency's return to flight

ASK Magazine, Issue 16, February 2004

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