Highlights – Issue 17, April 2004

Right On Time, Radically

I could literally hear the team's cohesiveness. It was something of a mystical moment
By Ken Lehtonen

Radical Is Temporary

We achieved a remarkable level of productivity and quality during the time we developed the new code
By Larry Barrett

Walking a Fine Line

When things got behind schedule the instrument manager didn't have the experience to know what was needed to catch up
By Mary Bothwell

Sounds Clear Enough

There's a reason that project management is a full-time job
By Alan Zak

Bringing Up Baby

It was going to require a delicate touch for me to step in and help him understand that this was what was best for the project
By Angelo (Gus) Guastaferro

Transition Time: Zero

The project manager of one of our biggest projects had requested to be removed from the job immediately
By W. Scott Cameron

Passing the Baton--Lessons in Regret

I had failed miserably in preparing the way for my inevitable successor
By Terry Little

Managing History: A Practicum

Roger was very good about offering to help after he left. Sometimes I turned to him to ask his advice on situations
By Stephen J. Garber

ASK Talks with Tom Gavin

More than 40 years after he began work as an engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Tom Gavin shares some of his project management lessons learned
By Terry Little

ASK Magazine, Issue 17, April 2004

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