Highlights – Issue 18, June 2004

A New Spin

My message to the team was, "This is a good mission. Don't look down. Together, we'll find a way out of this"
By John Casani

Fixing What's Broken

If I hadn't wondered if the project was in some way cursed, this latest string of problems was enough to make me consider the possibility
By Frank Snow

A Stormy Situation

When we resumed testing, another instrument showed damage. Now we were both confused and in trouble
By Larry Goshorn

Getting the Cows on Their Feet

Despite our best efforts, we weren't getting anywhere at all. If anything, we were going backwards
By Major Norman Patnode

Tell Me about Your Lemonade Stand

As I looked back over the last five years, it was clear that some of our program managers consistently generated great results and others did not
By Scott Tibbitts

Hanging On by a Thread

To move the aircraft about on the ground, as well as to stabilize it during take off and landing, we needed to come up with a lightweight solution
By Ray Morgan

Dressing Up the Naked Truth

Story is one of the most respectful ways to share knowledge and, thus, one of the most effective because it allows people to come to their own conclusions
By Annette Simmons

Engineering Memos

Many believe, including me, that the advent of email and PowerPoint has, in some respects, eroded our culture of engineering communication
By John Casani

ASK Talks with Al Diaz

Goddard Space Flight Center Director Al Diaz talks candidly about what the CAIB report will mean for project managers across the agency

ASK Magazine, Issue 18, June 2004

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