Highlights – Issue 19, August 2004

Walk the Walk

My division manager called me into his office and said, "Bob, I really need your help."
By Bob Loesh

A Balancing Act

We believe we have to be perfect--maintain the 1950s sitcom home while having a fulfilling career.
By Lynda Rutledge

Fly Safe, But Fly

One thing was certain, the airplane and the program had to be grounded until we could figure out what had happened.
By Kenneth J. Szalai

For Safety's Sake

We needed someone who would say, "Hey, I'm interested in this; it could be the wave of the future."
By Joan Pallix

Testing Positive

Because the spacecraft is going to Mercury, its launch date was constrained, and everything that came before it had to go according to plan.
By Ron Zellar

The Camera Never Lies

The success bar for an engineer's presentation skills was set fairly low.
By W. Scott Cameron

Mentoring: Teaching What It Means to Be a Leader

Many senior people give mentoring lip service but are unwilling to spend the time to do it.
By Terry Little

In Search of the Ideal Project Manager

The first project manager had a reputation as a tough, hard-nosed manager and he lived up to that reputation in person.
By Owen Gadeken

Rapid Prototyping for Success on Sage III

There's nothing as frustrating as knowing your triple-redundant system needs to attach three wires to their dual-redundant two.
By Ed Mauldin

ASK Talks with Dennis McCarthy

A project management veteran of thirty years, Dennis McCarthy discusses lessons learned while working on a project called ├Čthe discovery of the century."

ASK Magazine, Issue 19, August 2004

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