Highlights – Issue 2

Listening to the Voice Inside

The team's morale took a nosedive, as attitudes from the top down fell flat.
By Joan Salute

It’s All About Passion

All of us wanted to try and recapture that sense of excitement we once had.
By Steven A. Gonzalez

Reforming a Mindset

I had to convince them that the status quo was unacceptable.
By Roy Malone

Garage-Style Engineering

The problem was the discretionary funds were exceedingly tight that year.
By Michael C. Jansen

Open the Door and They Will Come

Over several months, we dismantled and reassembled the entire budget.
By Hector Delgado

Four Ways I Battle the Untenable Status Quo

I have established a 10-minute maximum whining limit for our meetings.
By W. Scott Cameron

Some Thoughts on Challenging the Status Quo

It's tough to be patient, but in the long run patience pays off.
By Terry Little

Cross-Training Within the Project Team

Project teams are often hampered by internal conflicts between team members.
By Owen Gadeken

Partnering with the Customer

Recruiting the customer's active involvement is a critical component of project management.
By Oscar Toledo

ASK Talks with Tim Flores

An Ames Research Center project manager describes his experience participating in MIT's System Design and Management program.

ASK Magazine, Issue 2

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