Highlights – Issue 20, November 2004

A Glass Can Be Half Full—Even in Microgravity

The project team's response to this challenge taught me how resilient people and projects can be when you give them the chance
Thomas Sutliff

Managing the Unexpected

You can go through your whole career and never have someone drop one of your spacecraft. I think that would have been nice
Marty Davis

Warning: Projects May Be Closer Than They Appear

It was a crazy time. I lost 20 pounds. My team kept asking, "What happened to our development manager?"
Colby Africa

Cleaning Out the Closet

Like the closet that accumulates all the stuff we buy and never get rid of, we felt our list could stand a little spring cleaning
W. Scott Cameron

The Morning Meeting

The idea was simple: a short, all-hands meeting once a day to maintain the week's action item list
By Scott Tibbitts

Putting Patience to the Test

I had made some serious errors in judgment, and I was kicking myself mentally while steeling myself for dealing with the repercussions
By Ray Morgan

No Launch Before Its Time

I remember a member of the crew asking me, "Is this normal?" And in my experience, it wasn't
By Bill Townsend

A Collaboration on Collaboration

We learned quickly that we were a group with diverse backgrounds, in every sense of the word
By Brent Cobleigh

ASK Talks with Gary Klein

Dr. Gary Klein, Chief Scientist of Klein Associates Inc., discusses how stories help to strengthen intuition

ASK Magazine, Issue 20, November 2004

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