Highlights – Issue 26, Spring 2007

Lessons from COBE About Processes and Procedures

The Nobel Prize mission required groundbreaking technology, thorough testing, and teamwork.
By Dennis McCarthy

A Relentless Focus on the Mission

Accountability, constructive disagreement, and mission focus are essential to achieving NASA’s new goals.
By Rex Geveden

Interview with Rob Manning

The chief engineer of the Mars Exploration Program talks about the success of Mars Pathfinder, Spirit, and Opportunity and the contribution 7120.5D can make to future exploration.
By Don Cohen

Exploration Systems Mission Directorate and 7120.5D: Enabling Exploration

The Exploration Systems Mission Directorate and Constellation, NASA’s new exploration program, provide a reality check for procedures and requirements spelled out in NPR 7120.5D.
By Garry Lyles

Managing NASA’s Complex Space Flight Programs: The Apollo Experience

During the Apollo era, NASA learned lessons in how to manage complex programs that remain important today.
By Roger D. Launius

Professional Development for the Moon, Mars, and Beyond

Career-long learning will give managers and systems engineers the skills they need to make the Vision for Space Exploration real.

Documented Experience: Re-Defining Project Management Processes

In defining requirements for future programs and projects, NASA’s 7120.5D team has sought clarity, consistency, and the wisdom of experience.
By Don Cohen

Developing Engineering Excellence for Programs and Projects at NASA

Excellence in engineering depends on clear standards, good communication, effective training, and a commitment to organizational and personal responsibility.
By Chris Scolese

Safety and Mission Assurance: Independent Yet Engaged

S&MA tests assumptions not only to identify problems but to help solve them.
By Bryan O’Connor

Program Analysis and Evaluation: Clarity and Independence

PA&E provides independent assessments of NASA programs that include options for decision makers.
By Scott Pace

A Look Under the Hood of NPR 7120.5D

Requirements establish consistent key decision points, roles and responsibilities, and problem-resolution processes to support the Agency’s ambitious new mission.
By Mike Blythe

A Common Language for Systems Engineering: NPR 7123.1

The document defines processes for managing interactions among the elements of complex projects and programs.
By Stephen J. Kapurch

Program and Project Management Improvement Initiatives

The history of program and project management at NASA includes repeated attempts to improve resource control, risk management, and communication.
By Dr. C. Howard Robins, Jr.

ASK Magazine, Issue 26, Spring 2007

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