Highlights – Issue 29, Winter 2008
  • Dawn:  Cooperation, Not Control

    Dawn: Cooperation, Not Control

    By Todd May On September 27, 2007, a Delta II rocket carrying the Dawn spacecraft lifted off from Kennedy Space Center. Part of NASA’s Discovery program, the $370 million Dawn mission began its three-billion-mile voyage to the asteroid belt to study the asteroid Vesta and Ceres, a dwarf planet.

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  • Best Buy: Planning for Disaster

    By Adam Sachs and Kerry Ellis When a 1981 tornado in Minnesota revolutionized the retail approach of Sound of Music, which later changed its name to the now very familiar Best Buy, those who founded the company never imagined that a series of hurricanes twenty years later would also help give it a cutting-edge lead […]

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  • Leading Your Leaders

    By N. Wayne Hale, Jr. When I was a new NASA employee, my branch chief put together a training class that has been on my mind recently. Among the other things he taught us new employees was that we had to lead our leaders. That has always been good advice. I’d like to share some […]

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The Summer of Hydrogen

The Kennedy Space Center ground crew dedicated months of effort and ingenuity to finding and fixing a puzzling hydrogen leak.
By Philip Weber

Dawn: Cooperation, Not Control

The Discovery and New Frontiers Program Office at Marshall had to earn the trust of the Dawn team by proving that it wanted to contribute to the mission, not control it.
By Todd May

Best Buy: Planning for Disaster

Rising to the challenge of a summer of hurricanes in Florida, the retailer shaped an effective disaster-response plan.
By Adam Sachs and Kerry Ellis

The Astronaut Glove Challenge:Big Innovation from a (Very) Small Team

Small,passionate, resourceful teams of space flight entrepreneurs compete—and cooperate— in X PRIZE Foundation competitions.
By William Pomerantz

Featured Invention: Laser Scaling Device

A device developed by the Applied Physics Lab to aid shuttle repair is adopted by crime scene investigators.
By Carol Anne Dunn and Giny Cheong

Leading Your Leaders

To make well-informed decisions, leaders need to be guided by the knowledge and judgment of those who do the hands-on work.
By N. Wayne Hale, Jr.

Using the Space Glove to Teach Spatial Thinking

The head of the Island Astronomy Institute enlisted the aid of the astronaut glove inventor to teach space science to schoolchildren.
By Peter Lord

The Power of Story

Narratives can communicate ideas, values, and emotions—and inspire action.
By Jessica Fox and Don Cohen

Interview with Jay O'Callahan

The well-known storyteller talks about the power of stories to explain andinspire,and the essential contribution of story listeners.
By Don Cohen

Reaching for the APEX at Ames

Structured mentoring and on-the-job training help Ames project managers and systems engineers develop the skills they need.
By Matthew Kohut

The Project Manager Who Saved His Country

A project completed more than 150 years ago affords lessons for today’s project managers.
By John Baniszewski

Choosing and Developing the Right Leadership Styles for Projects

Because different kinds of projects require different emotional, managerial, and intellectual skills, success depends on carefully matching the leader to the task.
By Dr. Ralf Müller

ASK Magazine, Issue 29, Winter 2008

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