Highlights – Issue 34, Spring 2009

From Generation to Generation: Filling the Knowledge Gaps

Langley engineers working on an Ares test vehicle draw on the expertise of their Apollo-era counterparts.
By Jim Hodges

Plan, Train, and Fly: Mission Operations from Apollo to Shuttle

The technology of preparing for human space flight has changed over the years, but the basic principles of careful planning and exhaustive training remain the same.
By John O’Neill

Project Lessons from Code Breakers and Code Makers

Faced with the life-and­ death intelligence issues of WWII, the Allies enlisted the talents of surprisingly diverse individuals; NASA’s challenges call for a similar approach.
By John Emond

Mars Science Laboratory: Integrating Science and Engineering Teams

Close collaboration between engineers and scientists is helping MSL meet its ambitious goals.
By Ashwin R. Vasavada

ESA, NASA, and the International Space Station

International cooperation works best when the partners make essential, interdependent contributions to clear common objectives.
By Alan Thirkettle

Building the Team: The Ares I-X Upper-Stage Simulator

An in-house development project at Glenn calls for team members who are flexible and ready to learn by doing.
By Matthew Kohut

Apollo 12: A Detective Story

How one contractor team helped decide that Apollo 12 was safe to fly.
By Gene Meieran

Integrating Risk and Knowledge Management for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate

The ESMD uses a variety of media and methods to make important knowledge accessible.
By Dave Lengyel

Interview with Kenneth Szalai

The former director of the Dryden Flight Research Center explains why flight programs matter.
By Don Cohen

Is Software Broken?

Increasingly complex and central to spacecraft design, software makes new demands on systems engineers.
By Steve Jolly

Leave No Stone Unturned, Ideas for Innovations Are Everywhere

To keep innovating,iRobot listens to customers, partners with other organizations, and welcomes new ideas from its own employees.
By Colin Angle

Viewpoint: Building a National Capability for On-Orbit Servicing

The authors argue that NASA and the Department of Defense should collaborate on satellite-servicing technology.
By Frank J. Cepollina and Jill McGuire

Things I Learned on My Way to Mars

The author of a Passion for mars discusses the perils and rewards of exploring the red planet.
By Andrew Chaikin

ASK Magazine, Issue 34, Spring 2009

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