Highlights – Issue 35, Summer 2009

Management by Wandering Around

To learn what is really going on, managers need to leave their offices and listen to people throughout the workplace.
By Noel W. Hinners

Unmanning the Fire Lines

Thanks to commitment and cooperation, a NASA unmanned aircraft is ready to help fight a fire emergency.
By Brent Cobleigh

A Model for Collaboration

How do thousands of scientists successfully collaborate on CERN’s ambitious physics experiments?
By Krisztina Holly

Answering the Call: Communicating with Soyuz

Responding to an agencywide request for ideas, a NASA engineer solves a communications problem.
By Ed Campion

Engaged Workers Boost the Bottom Line at Ames

In the course of a management training program, one team explores the inspiring experiences that foster employee engagement.
By Nancy Mangini

Bidding Your Way to the Launch Pad

The authors promote the advantages of a market-based system for trading project resources.
By Randii R. Wessen and David Porter

Managing the Trauma of a Terminated Project

Skillful handling can limit the pain of project cancellation.
By Robert K. Hurley and Joseph T. Jimmerson

Some Safety Lessons Learned

NASA’s Chief of Safety and Mission Assurance offers his recipe for flight safety.
By Bryan O’Connor

Balancing Security and Knowledge Sharing

The Mission Critical Information assessment team helps NASA balance two responsibilities: sharing technical information and protecting it.
By Ryan Averbeck, John Day, and G. A. Gaddy

Interview with Alexander Laufer

The author of Breaking the Code of Project management talks about the value of learning, judgment, trust, and leadership for complex projects.
By Don Cohen

Innovating to Fly in Cleaner Skies

Pratt & Whitney’s VP of Technology and Environment describes the development of a new, more efficient jet engine.
By Kerry Ellis

Rocketdyne: Committed to Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge-sharing events help Rocketdyne engineers share valuable expertise.
By Carri Karuhn

Process Improvement for Space Flight Safety

A systematic approach to process control improves foam application to the shuttle’s external tank.
By Fayssal M. Safie

ASK Magazine, Issue 35, Summer 2009

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