Highlights – Issue 38, Spring 2010

Anatomy of a Mishap Investigation

A dedicated team applies a rigorous method to discovering the causes of a mission failure.
By Rick Obenschain

Are We Alone? Answering This Question Is Not a Lone Venture

To understand the potential for life on other worlds, NASA’s Astrobiology Institute builds a science community on this one.
By Wendy Dolci, Ed Goolish, and Carl Pilcher

NASA Past and Future: A Personal Memoir

The author describes the origins of the Voyager and Mariner 10 missions.
By Ken Randle

The Next Big Thing Is Small

Tiny satellites benefit science and education.
By Haley Stephenson

Cities at Night: An Orbital Perspective

Patterns and colors of light seen from space tell us a lot about who and where we are on Earth.
By Donald Pettit

Open-Door Innovation

Centennial Challenge competitions invite and encourage innovation from anywhere.
By Andrew Petro

Petrobras and the Power of Stories

The Brazilian energy company uses storytelling to teach a new generation of employees.
By Alexandre Korowajczuk and Andrea Coelho Farias Almeida

Space Exploration in the 21st Century: Global Opportunities and Challenges

The director general of the European Space Agency says the future of space exploration depends on global cooperation.
By Jean-Jacques Dordain

Interview with William Gerstenmaier

The associate administrator for Space Operations talks about his early NASA experience and the collaborative “miracle” of the International Space Station.
By Don Cohen

Sharing Knowledge About Knowledge

The Academy’s first Knowledge Forum brought together people from several industries and countries.
By Don Cohen and Matthew Kohut

NextGen: Preparing for More Crowded Skies

NASA is working with other agencies to prepare for ever- increasing air traffic.
By Kerry Ellis

ASK Magazine, Issue 38, Spring 2010

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