Highlights – Issue 4, July 2001

Tangled Up in Reviews

One-on-one discussions allowed us to convince the reviewers that we knew what we were talking about.
By Marty Davis

You Don't Have to Crash to Have Impact

The emphasis was on informed, timely decision making based on frequent reviews.
By Sylvia Cox

Listening to the Voice Inside

The team's morale took a nosedive, as attitudes from the top down fell flat.
By Joan Salute

Calling Down the Fire on Yourself

I had never encountered a project that was as complete at that point in its lifecycle.
By Jo Gunderson

Standing Offer

On each visit they focused on a particular area of the program and scrutinized it in detail with us.
By Roy Malone

Trading on Trust

The contractor was asking for a lot more money than we were willing to pay.
By Terry Little

The Hour Glass and the Project Manager Part 1

The peer review process is proving to be a very important tool in the PM tool kit.
By W. Scott Cameron

Horse Trading

In a horse trade, one party says to the other, "You give us this and we'll give you that."
By Marty Davis

Data Memos

Data memos are intended to communicate to the entire team what is going on.
By Jeff Bauer

ASK Talks with Terry Little

Regarded by many as the best Project Manager in the Air Force, Terry Little has been challenging the status quo for decades.

ASK Magazine, Issue 4, July 2001

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